Iran seizes oil tanker


Hello,Iran let’s go on an adventure into the deep blue sea. We’ll discover a story about two big ships and the countries that wanted to keep them. Are you ready for a sea-tastic journey?

Iran : The Gulf of Oman – A Huge Bathtub:

Imagine the Gulf of Oman as a giant bathtub where big ships sail. There are countries around this bathtub, and sometimes they have different ideas about who owns the ships. Today, we’re talking about two special ships – one taken by the United States and the other taken by Iran.


Iran Seizing Adventure:

Our first ship, let’s call it Ship A, was taken by the United States last year. Now, Iran, which is like a friend from another part of the bathtub, decided to take another ship, Ship B, in return. They said it’s like playing fair – “You took one of ours, so we’ll take one of yours!”

Iran rder from the Judge Fish:

In the sea, there are no regular judges like we have in courts. But in this adventure, Iran said they got an order from a special judge fish (not a real fish, just like a judge). This judge fish told them, “You can take Ship B in return for what happened to Ship A.”

The Stolen Oil Mystery:

Now, both Ship A and Ship B were carrying something special – like treasure in a pirate story. They had oil! Iran said the United States stole their oil from Ship A, so they took Ship B to get back what was taken. It’s like a big mystery in the middle of the sea!

The Transfer Journey:

Picture Ship B sailing with a flag that says “St. Nicholas.” Iran is taking this ship on a journey to their own ports. It’s like moving a treasure chest full of surprises, but instead of gold, it’s full of oil. They want to give it to their judge fish and say, “Here is what we got back!”

United Nations’ Story:

The United Nations is like a big storyteller, and they said Iran taking Ship B is okay. They called it a “lawful undertaking.” It’s like when you and your friends agree on the rules of a game. The UN is saying, “Iran followed the rules in their big sea game.”

Conclusion of Our Sea Adventure:

That’s the end of our sea adventure, little sailors! Iran and the United States had a ship-taking game in the Gulf of Oman. Ship A was taken before, and now Ship B is on its way to a new home. It’s like a big, watery puzzle with ships and stories that make the sea so interesting! Until our next sea-tastic journey, goodbye, little explorers!

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