Google – What Happening to Some Friends?

Google - What Happening to Some Friends?

We have a little story about a place called Google. You know, the one that helps us find pictures of cute animals and answers our questions. Well, something is happening at Google, and we’re going to find out together.

Big Changes in the Google House:

Imagine your toy box, where you have different toys to play with. Google has something like that too, but instead of toys, they have cool things like Google’s Assistant, Nest, Pixel, and Fitbit. Guess what? Some of the grown-ups who work on these things are going through some changes.

Google - What Happening to Some Friends?

Google Assistant Friends:

You might have met Google Assistant. It’s like a friendly robot that helps us with things like telling us the weather, setting timers, and finding answers to our questions. But now, some of the friends who work on Google’s Assistant are going to do different things. Why? Because Google wants to use more smart robots called artificial intelligence (AI).

Google What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Think of AI like a super-smart friend who learns new things really quickly. Google wants to use more of this smart friend to make their toys even better. So, some of the friends who worked on the toys before are going to learn new things too!

Hardware Friends:

Now, let’s talk about another part of Google’s toy box – the hardware division. This is where they make cool things like Nest, Pixel, and Fitbit. But, uh-oh, some of the friends here are also going through changes. It’s like when you decide to play with different toys in your toy box.

Augmented Reality Friends:

Have you heard of augmented reality? It’s like adding fun stickers to the world around you. Google has friends who work on this too, making our world more exciting. But, guess what? Some of these friends are also going to do different things. Maybe they’ll add even more fun stickers!

Google’s Message to Friends:

When something big happens, it’s important to talk about it. Google’s said, “We’re changing things to make our toys even cooler. Some friends might do different jobs, but we’re all still part of the Google’s family.” It’s like when your friend gets a new toy and shares it with you.

Friends Everywhere:

Guess what? These changes are happening not just in one place but all over the world. Google’s friends from different countries are going through these changes together. It’s like a big adventure where everyone helps each other.

Other Friends in Tech:

You know, Google’s is not the only place where friends are going through changes. Another friend called Amazon is also making some adjustments. It’s like when you and your friend decide to try something new together.

Helping Friends Find New Toys:

Sometimes, when things change, it’s a bit tricky. But Google’s wants to help its friends find new toys to play with. They are looking for new jobs for some of the friends who are going through these changes. It’s like when you share your toys with your friends so everyone can have fun!

Goodbye to Fitbit Founders:

Fitbit is a friend that helps us count our steps and stay healthy. The people who started Fitbit, James Park and Eric Friedman, are also going on a new adventure. They are leaving Google, maybe to start new exciting things. We wish them good luck!


That’s the end of our little journey into Google’s world, friends! Changes happen, and it’s okay. Google is making its toys even cooler, and some friends are getting ready for new adventures. We’ll keep using Google to learn new things and have fun together!

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