Odette Make Trouble: Top 3 Ways to Beat Odette

Odette Make Trouble: Top 3 Ways to Beat Odette

Odette sticks out as a witch who likes to make trouble. Foes are slowed down by her Avian Authority and immobilised by Blue Nova. Her ultimate, Swan Song, does a lot of damage and protects her at the same time. Odette is quick on her feet and can even run away from danger while casting her strong ultimate.

Odette Make Trouble: The challenge for Odette is to face the counters.

This hero is very good at magic, but she isn’t unbeatable. Some Mobile Legends heroes are smarter and better at playing than she is, which can change the outcome of the fight. Let’s meet the three winners who can beat Odette the best.

Odette Make Trouble: Making Waves with Kadita

There is no doubt that the Sea Princess Kadita is a powerful woman who knows how to make waves. She can quickly get close to Odette with her dangerous skill combo. Kadita is a strong enemy because she can jump in and mess up Odette’s plans. Odette, be careful! The Sea Princess is coming!

Odette Make Trouble: Sabre: The Quick Killer

Going Fast to Win

Sabre, the quick killer, is here to cut through Odette’s magical defences. Sabre can get close and personal, stopping Odette from casting her spells, thanks to his lightning-fast moves. Don’t underestimate the strength of a fast killer; Sabre is ready to outsmart and beat Odette in an instant.

Chou: The Master of Crowd Control and Martial Arts

Chou, who is a master of martial arts, is the right mix of quickness and crowd control on the battlefield. He can knock opponents around and make them unable to do anything, which is bad for Odette. Odette’s amazing show might run into trouble when Chou comes on stage. The magical and the physical are about to go head-to-head.

What They Do

Not by chance did these heroes get picked; they have special skills that make them better than Odette.

Kaita’s Tidal Wave: Kaita’s skill combo, especially her Tidal Wave, lets her quickly close the space and stop Odette from casting.

Saber’s Triple Sweep: Sabre can dash into fight with his tremendously fast Triple Sweep ability, surprising Odette and stopping her magical show.

Chou’s Jeet Kune Do: Chou’s Jeet Kune Do gives him the right set of tools for controlling crowds, which lets him mess up Odette’s plans.

Last Thoughts

Even though Odette’s special skills are amazing, these three heroes show that even the strongest can be beaten. Odette’s every move is fought against by Kadita, Sabre, and Chou, each with their own special skills. If you’re playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and you’re up against Odette, these heroes are the best ones to use against her. Now it’s your turn to show AGENGACOR Odette that real magic happens when the losers win!